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Emergency Household Electric Generators
-Security for your Delaware Valley Home
At Gentle Ben Electric, we understand the drastic effects that losing electricity, for extended periods of time, can cause. Losing electricity can be the difference between having to throw away perfectly good food or not being able to keep medicine refrigerated.

On a scarier note, losing electricity can be the difference between a security system notifying your family of a break-in, and not notifying your family. Whether you live in Greenville, Brandywine Hundred, Chester County PA, or Dover, a Household Electric Generator can bring you piece of mind.

Due to these scary and unpleasant electrical circumstances, Gentle Ben will install a fully-integrated generator outside your home, as one of our services.

By "fully integrated", we refer to the fact that the generator is hard-wired into your home's circuit box. This way, whenever your house loses electricity or there is a massive electrical blackout, the generator would immediately turn on and help your family maintain electricity.

Contact us to learn more about installing an integrated generator in your home, and you can rest easy knowing that Gentle Ben will make sure you always have power and electricity.
For more about household electrical safety, click here.

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